Frequently asked questions

Why are you building this coalition? 

The coalition was formed to help curb the negative employment impact from COVID-19 by providing a place for people to get back into the workforce.  Our belief is that if we can rally employers to continue hiring and bring talented individuals together that are available for work, we can beat the non-health related components of the virus and provide stimulus for an economic recovery. 

Which companies have pledged? 

CVS, Amazon, Target, Facebook, Walmart, etc have publicly committed to making a certain amount hires. You can see a full list of companies who pledge to make hire in our directory here.

If I have been displaced due to COVID-19 where should I go on your site?

If you have been laid off because of Covid-19 please visit our coalition’s candidate and resume upload section by clicking here.  Your resume and profile will be shared with employers who are still hiring.   

How do I encourage an employer to take the pledge?

If you know of any companies that are still hiring please contact their Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, recruitment or leadership teams about the coalition.  If they express interest, please ask that they email us at 

Are there any costs or fees for employers who take the pledge?

NO there is no cost to hiring from HireawayCovid’s resume database.   Our mission is simple, let’s help those who have been displaced get back into the workforce so that our economy can effectively recover from COVID-19.   

What information should I send my company asking them to get involved?

You can invite them to be a part of a coalition as an active employer and refer them to our website  

What information should I send friends, family, or contacts about Hireaway Covid?

If you know of anyone who has been displaced, you can let them know that they can add their profile to the site and be seen by employers who are still hiring.  

What does an employer have to commit to in order to the join the pledge?  

  1. Commit to making a certain # of hires in the coming months  
  2. Commit to hiring people who displaced/laid off because of Covid 
  3. Commit to creating a streamlined onboarding process that is able start new hires remotely in 14 days or less 

What types of professionals can join hireaway covid?

Our resume database is open to all types of professionals who have been displaced due to COVID-19. 

Are there any costs or fees for professionals to submit their resume?

NO. there are no costs for any individual to upload their resume into the database.